Trains, the remedy for hassle and the engines of dreams

You’re sitting inside a train that maintains great speed, you vaguely see the blurry images of streetlights and tracks passing in an empty rural landscape. And then it comes to you: The best idea you had so far this month.

Chances are, you recognized yourself in this situation, which isn’t odd because it came to my attention that almost everyone automatically thinks deep when staring out of a train window. People like to reflect and reconsider choices. Which is absolutely a good thing, train transportation is the modern way of: ‘sit down, and think about what you did’. Everyone always thinks about green meadows or looking at the vast emptiness of space when they seek a moment of rest. While society complains about all the erratic and bustling situations which became part of ordinary human lives, they underestimate and forget the places that lie within reach. Being angry at someone isn’t only to be cured with a special place to be, in fact, a return ticket ‘Berlin – Potsdam’ or ‘Manchester – Bolton’ could be sufficient enough for ending or beginning the day nicely for the modern human.*  You don’t see one special place, you see tons of them helping your eyes to focus on absolutely nothing.

*I have to admit, this goal cannot be reached if one takes an early commuter-stuffed train which hasn’t got much space left when riding.

What if we put Obama, Cameron, Putin, Abe, Renzi, Merkel, Hollande and Harper on a train before every major world decision? Every single G8 leader and their subordinates in his or her own train compartment in absolute silence. ”Reaching Zürich in 2 hours” (amazing view), would be heard in all the chairs. I honestly think governments would function more decent if they turned this into a weekly routine. But who am I? These elites wouldn’t have time for such ‘nonsense’ I guess. But the state your mind is in, when it’s at peace is timeless. Just like a train ride through the Swiss Alps.

It’s like people are searching for something in the temporary view. A glassy look that can’t get a grasp of anything which races by. That is, of course if they are not busy with their phone, which actually ruins the opportunity of a good rest and a nice ponder. Because nowadays it’s a rare phenomenon to find (not being at home) a quiet and peaceful moment for yourself. And on top of that, you’re missing out on views like this one:

20150918_105047 (1)

Not so blurry after all right? But it doesn’t matter if the view is a peaceful one like this, or a city bursting with life. People always look the same way out of the window and seem to be blessed with a universal peace of mind. And it doesn’t have to be about happy thoughts, whether it’s a divorce or a birthday gift you’re wondering about. Decisions and dreams are well made in an empty train by the window.

Look at the public transportation (mostly trains) through a different window, and follow the never-ending tracks, a nice destination begins with the best considered decisions and the deepest dreams.

Aidivni out.



If you’re reading this because you wanted to know more about ‘letters’ in the form of mail, well, tough luck because this post is about something bigger. I mean the letters you are, in fact, reading right know (if you didn’t stop reading already).That’s right, you are probably one of those fast-entertainment junkies which makes up 95% of the internet users nowadays. if not, I welcome you to my new unprofessional blog which also gives me an opportunity to introduce myself: Aidivni, Europe, 18, male. You would not be interested in anything else. The blog I just made (17-09-15) on this rainy day. Is not (completely) about myself, it is about the common occurences in this modern society I encounter.

It’s especially about things I don’t like right now (selfiesticks, the expanding number of kids addicted to Minecraft or all the labels being given to more and more citizens)

Don’t we have enough feel good crap on the internet already? I could just put on a title like: LOOK WHAT THIS HOMELESS DUDE GETS FROM THESE KIDS, and start counting viewers. But for a nagger like myself, it would be a lot harder.

let’s go back to the point, MONKEY SCANDAL KANYE BUTTHOLE, right other 95%?
A nice example has been set here about what i said earlier. People just don’t care anymore, they just have a set of keywords in their head which trigger them to read a few lines (some of those words I mentioned earlier).

Companies know this, and they make great use of it, and the worst part is: almost everyone is a victim (I am one too). And I am not planning to go all ‘Al Gore’ on you, but this is a serious problem in my opinion. Lots of new information in few letters is the golden formula for businesses.

When was the last time you read a book for fun?
Something to think about right?

And for those who just finished a book or actually read the whole post,
I salute you, you modern internet hero.

Aidivni out